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Last modified: July 11 2015 14:22:53.


Special Cell for SC/ST community people


              As per directive of the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, & its D.O. No. F1-26/76 (CD/SCT) dated 13 Nov. 1982, a Special Cell for Scheduled Caste (SC) & Scheduled Tribes (ST) has been established under the charge of the Joint Registrar as its Liaison Officer, for monitoring the implementation of reservation policy as well as to look after the grievances of the SC & ST communities employees, students & teachers, and submission of information to the concerned Government Offices from time to time.


              Also as per directive of the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, BHU the Deputy Registrar (GAD) has constituted following Cells vide his office notification no. R/GAD/SC/ST grievance Cell/6710/6723 dated 11-05-2013.


(1) SC/ST Grievance Cell at University level.

(2) SC/ST Grievance Committee at Faculty level.

(3) SC/ST Grievance Committee at Department level.



    Also Special Cell for OBC community people


              A Special Cell for OBC under the charge of Dy. Registrar as its Liaison Officer has been established in this University as per directives of the UGC to monitor the implementation of reservation policy. Previously, this cell was worked with the SC/ST Cell, now as per directive of the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, BHU and as per notification no. R/GAD/Creation of Cells /6699 dated 11-05-2013, the cell is working independently with the Minority Cell.